Internet Explorer 6's last nail in the coffin: Google

What’s the #1 reason I enjoy doing back end programming instead of front end design? No, it’s not my lackluster aptitude at graphic design – it’s internet explorer version 6.

See, IE6 thinks it’s better than everybody else, and I’m thankful to the lord that even Big G is now backing up.  It ignores internet wide standards like xhtml and css, and follows it’s own rules. Yesterday, Google announced that it is ending it’s support for IE 6!  The version 6 basher’s list is long and somewhat illustrious, even including it’s developer – Microsoft.

In short, I’ll save you guys the techno explanation of why IE6 is bain of all web designers’ existence – and just say that over 20% of front-end development time goes into bug fixing and hacking custom scripts and styles for a program that was released before those bastards took out the twin towers.

At some point, we’re going to have to enact a surcharge for IE 6 compliance – and I wonder how many other firms are already doing this or forgetting IE 6 entirely?