50% Off for Green Companies

We’re offering a 50% discount on all web projects for green businesses from now until Earth Day

That’s right, until April 22, 2010 we’re slashing all web design, SEO, and social media marketing projects in half.  As a web design & marketing firm, we’re limited in how much we can recycle, eliminate waste, and cut our carbon foot prints…. so we’ve decided to put our money where our mouth is and try to give eco-friendly businesses a leg up.

Contact us to get started, or tell us what you think of the program…

How it will work:

We’ll run the same free cost estimates at half our hourly rates for qualifying businesses that commission their project by days end April 22nd, 2010.  By qualifying businesses, we mean businesses that make a substantial portion of their revenues by marketing, selling, or producing green products and services.  “Substantial” will be at our sole discretion, but we mean to help as many green businesses as we can in hopes that we can make this planet a little cleaner and greener for us and our children.

Why we’re doing it:

While chatting last week, it came up that we’re in little position to green our business aside from offering green hosting, operating a paperless office, and telecommuting – the last two we already do!  So we figured that if we can help a few green companies be a little more competitive, or offer their employees a little something extra – then it’s well worth tightening our belts for a couple months to do the right thing.


  • The program is limited to the first $20,000 in discounted services, if we reach it we’ll be happy to reach out to other firms in order to accommodate as many green companies as we can.
  • Rainmaker Web Design will make the sole decision of who qualifies, feel free to contact us to discuss.
  • All discounted projects must be contracted by midnight April 22nd, 2010