New Projects & Updates

There’s a reason this journal has been lacking updates – we’ve been slammed! Some great projects have launched, and a few gems are launching in the next couple weeks. Here’s a run down of the what’s going on in Rainmaker World:

We’ve been selected as the creative firm for:

  • The National Association of Preservation Commissions
    This one is actually almost old news. The new NAPC site should debut before year’s end, and it has been a true joy working with Paul & Caty on the project.
  • Ground Covers Solutions’ Intranet
    We’re beginning Beta testing of GCS’s corporate intranet system including lead management and franchisee reporting functions. Thus far it’s been one of the most complex and fun web applications we’ve been involved with, however, due to privacy concerns for our clients there may only be limited further disclosure.
  • LABash Conference 2013
    The University of Georgia has been chosen to host the 2013 LABash conference in Athens, GA. LABash is an annual conference held for students of Landscape Architecture, and should be a great, on-going partnership that we’re really excited about.

iPhone Apps

But wait – there’s more. We are:

  • Alpha testing our first Greek Rankings, a social driven rankings app for Fraternities and Sororities on 174 campuses.
  • Breaking ground on Most Eligible, a community driven app that centers on the most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in a user defined geographic area.

Both apps are to be extensively integrated with iOS 5 and web based API services. More to come asap, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and of course – have a Fabulous Festivus.

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